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Reinvigorated By Recent Rebranding, Korth Construction Envisions Bright Future

Korth Construction VP of business development Jodi Korth likens her eponymous company to a family, disagreeing at times but unconditionally accepting each member’s opinions, always championing each other’s success.


That's why when Jodi set about redesigning the logo as part of a new corporate branding, she added a splash of color to reflect the vibrant personalities at the company.

Jodi says Korth has always sought to foster a collaborative, open environment in which everyone constantly pushes and motivates his or her colleagues. This engenders a culture of striving for optimal performance and explains why clients gravitate toward Korth, especially as repeat customers. This corporate ethos is perpetuated by the people who remain involved in the construction process, from conception to delivery.

Jodi says four other factors set Korth apart in the construction space. First, longstanding relationships with subcontractors and vendors allow Korth to offer highly competitive prices.

Second, communicating weekly on-site with clients ensures they understand the process and expectations and capabilities are clear. Third and fourth are Korth’s attention to detail and commitment to being responsive.


Korth principals Terry and Gene Korth (pictured above, left and right, with director of business Maureen Bryant) are the brothers who founded the company in 1982.

They leverage their combined seven decades of experience to ensure timely, quality results. Jodi says what differentiates Korth are its people and relationships, which Gene and Terry have curated over the years by hiring not solely on prospective employees’ credentials, but by culture fit and growth potential.

This is more important than ever, as the 35th year of business marks a pivotal point of transition for Korth. Seeking to solidify a succession plan, Gene and Terry have encouraged all department leaders to be active in interviews for new hires who resonate with Korth’s spirit and will be welcomed into the family.

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