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A Training Program For The Next Generation Of Construction Workers


The construction labor shortage was a problem long before the pandemic, but things have only gotten more difficult since 2020. Although there have been pockets of growth in the past year and a half, the construction labor market is experiencing another downturn with a 17.5% drop in job openings since June 2022.

Moseley Multi-Family, a multifamily renovation company based in Virginia, is working to combat this issue, creating a new generation of construction laborers and setting them up for success through its training program, the Field Training and Evaluation Program.  

FTEP is designed to ease the transition of trainees from another company to MMF. The competency-based training program helps them prepare for their new organizational role and develop the right skill set and attitude on a personal and professional level. Not everyone has the ability to perform the complex tasks required of a superintendent, so its field training staff does everything it can to get them up to speed. 

MMF Professional Development Manager Robert Bethea said the program benefits the company as well as its workers. He described FTEP as a complex management system with the goal of improving the company’s effectiveness and efficiency. The program also makes the hiring process smoother with daily on-the-job observation and enhances the quality of trainees who will serve MMF. 

“MMF aims to train and retain the most competent proactive superintendents to carry out the company’s responsibilities beyond the protocol,” Moseley Multi-Family CEO Johnny Moseley said. “Even if a trainee has experience with another construction company, it takes time to adapt to the role of a Level Two superintendent. It’s not just about gaining the skills to do the job but applying those methods to help MMF succeed.”

MMF and its trainees have seen great results from the program. A few newly minted superintendents have found a home at MMF and detailed their experiences with the program and the company. 

Logan Williams, a superintendent for MMF, was working as a correctional officer before deciding to join the MMF training program. He said he was drawn in by how consistent the firm is in trying to develop new ways of doing things and how it is always trying to improve on everything. So far, he has worked jobs in Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia for the company. 

“I don’t have a construction background so learning everything about construction and getting all the experience I’m getting is valuable,” Williams said.

Darreld Smith, another superintendent for MMF, has a background as a teacher and worked as a computer specialist for 10 years before deciding to try the training program. He gravitated toward this new career path because he wanted a change for his family and he was interested in renovations and learning more about construction. Since transitioning to MMF, he’s worked on several multifamily renovations. 

“The most valuable thing I’ve learned is to work together as a team, understand your crews, understand the atmosphere that I work in to accomplish the goal of getting the units done on time, every time,” Smith said.

Nikolai Greenwell is another former trainee who has found his stride working as a superintendent with Moseley. Before starting the job, he worked with Patriot Engineering in the environmental sector, doing concrete and soil testing. What drew him to MMF was the chance to expand his renovation skills, specifically in the residential market. Today, Greenwell handles many multifamily renovations, which MMF specializes in. He said that since the program, his confidence has been boosted and he has found it easier to work with teams in his current role.

“Don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone,” Greenwell said. “Be willing to understand that you don’t know everything but then have the drive to want to learn what you don’t know.” 

Moseley understands that dedication and patience are key components of accomplishing the field training and evaluation program, and he feels a strong sense of accomplishment when trainees succeed. 

“The country needs more skilled construction laborers, and we want to see the industry thrive,” he said. “Through this program, we are doing our part to usher in a new generation of workers who can help us deliver the best results for our clients.” 

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