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Yes, Amtrak Does Have (Some) WiFi Between DC and NY

It's no secret that Amtrak could have better WiFi. In fact, Amtrak's Twitter account is littered with apologies on the matter. Even a recent effort to upgrade its capacity has done little to satisfy travelers. On a journey that involved a morning trip to New York and an evening rush-hour trip back to DC, National Journal tested service speeds in 10-minute increments, using or The service was really good in Union Station and all the way up to Baltimore. Another hotspot is inside New York's Penn Station, but it's all downhill from there, with a big dead zone from Philadelphia to Trenton, and the rest of the trip to New York not much better. On the way back, the connection out of New York was mediocre but working. Delaware was pretty bad, and in Maryland the service picked up a little bit but not much. The bottom line is you might want to get any reading material you need before you leave the station. [NJ]