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Record-Breaking $5B Japanese Bullet Train System Could be in Our Future

On Tuesday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit President Obama to discuss the economy, security, global issues…and a $5B Japanese bullet train system. The record-breaking Shinkansen would make a trip from DC to Baltimore only 15 minutes long. It uses a maglev, or magnetic levitation, to reach speeds as high as 603 km/h, Curbed reports. Compare that to Acela Express' fastest pace, which is 240 km/h. In order to make this happen, Abe will have to get Maryland to transfer franchise rights for the Washington Baltimore and Annapolis Electric Railroad. Abe also hopes to link cities like LA and San Francisco, Dallas and Houston, and New York and DC. His plan is to set a worldwide trend and revive Japan's economy. [Curbed]