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DC Broker Wades Into Politics With Trump And Clinton Children's Books


At his day job, Rob Kulik is a tenant broker for Serten Advisors, currently working on a deal for translation service company TransPerfect to expand its DC office.

That deal will have to take a back seat this week though, as Rob visits the Democratic National Convention in Philly to sell his new political children's book titled Go, Hillary! Beat The Donald!

This book is paired with the Republican-targeted title Go, Trump! Beat Crooked Hillary! Rob marketed the right-leaning book at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week. He's snapped above with former RNC chairman Michael Steele.


Rob started the Big Little Rivals book series one year ago with college sports rivalries. A University of North Carolina alumnus, Rob wanted a book for his kids to read that explained the Duke/UNC rivalry in a way that was entertaining to adults as well. They currently have 18 college titles out with 12 more being printed. 

Rob knew the presidential election was going to be front and center in many people's minds this year, so he and co-author Matthew Dowd- a lawyer and patent/IP litigator at Andrews Kurth LLP-  decided to adapt their series for politics. 

"We knew it was an election year so we were thinking we were going to do a Democrat vs. Republican book," Rob tells Bisnow. "When it started looking like Hillary versus Trump, I mean there’s just so much material out there that we could find really funny stuff or stuff we could make fun of." 


The books take on real, timely issues like Clinton's email scandal, pictured above, as well Trump's Twitter rants. 

"I tell people, they're cartoons but they're really non-fiction books," Rob says. "All this stuff is totally factual." 

The books went on sale the first week of July, and by the end of the Republican convention he says he had sold roughly 4,000 copies. His goal is to reach 50,000 before the November election.