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Three Event Day

Washington, D.C.
Three Event Day


Here's nearly 400 at our Dallas State of the Market event this morning (the market's great, thanks for asking). We also had large events today in Philly (Data Centers) and Boston (Construction and Development). It ain't the recession anymore, folks. On tomorrow to Seattle, San Antonio, and Annapolis!


We love CREW, and moments ago your publisher was honored to snap several of its top folks at the Fairmont Dallas, following our event there: national CREW CEO Gail Ayres, third from left, with communications director Denise Kahler, Cassidy Turley executive managing director Beth Lambert-Saul, Republic Title VP MaryBeth Shapiro, BBG CEO Diane Butler, and Bisnow 's own Dallas senior reporter Tonie Auer. Diane was 2012 national CREW president, and Beth held that position in 2006. The next CREW national convention is in Dallas (they were here doing planning) starting October 9. Don't forget, CREW is not just for women. Men are also invited and the smart ones join!