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The Top 40 Real Estate Players

Washington DC

Dear Esteemed Readers:

Sometime this fall, we plan to name the top 40 commercial real estate players in the region—in rank order. We know this is an unscientific exercise, but we do it in the spirit of being fun and provocative…and, oh yeah, maybe also for our ratings. If the editors at Vanity Fair and Entertainment Weekly can have their Power Lists, why not the Bisnow on Business Weeklies?

Now, the intellectual among you may ask: What is the definition of top players? We believe it’s that intangible but electrifying…buzz. When they walk into the room, do eyes turn and ears cock, because people want to see who they’re talking to or hear what they have to say? Are they perceived as setting the trends, the tone…the future?

Everyone in commercial real estate is eligible: Developers, brokers, investors, contractors, architects, financiers, lawyers. Maybe there's a category we haven't thought of. Dry wall?

We’re telling you all this not just to build your sense of raw excitement at the prospect of The List, but because we'd love your suggestions. We have many of our own ideas already and are asking lots of other people…but please, let us know your thoughts directly:

So, if you're sitting on the beach getting this on your Blackberry, sip another pina colada, think deep thoughts, and just hit Reply with them…before you fall back asleep. : ) 

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