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Silver Bullet Saves Landlords

Washington, D.C.
Silver Bullet Saves Landlords


Water treatmentis a key part of running any type of property. But in the process, operating costs canriseand harmful chemicals can find their way into a water supply. (And not the kind that turn you into a superhero.) To combat those risks, twobig DC ownersare turning to theSilver Bullet. We're not talking about beer; rather, an innovative water treatment system that Silver Bullet CEODavid Sunshineshowed us at the Willard hotel on Wednesday. The Willard has installed three Silver Bullets, whichbreak downoxygen molecules in a property's water supply, cutting down oncorrosion, toxic chemicals and evenreducingoverallwater consumption.


Lerner'sScott Mead(right, with Trimark'sDean Neimanand colleagueWayne Myers) tested the product out on a few of the company's properties, and was so impressed by the water and cost savings that the firm is now installing Silver Bulletthroughout its entire portfolio. David tells us Willard ownerCarr Properties, intrigued by the product, installed the product after aglowingrecommendation from the Lerner folks. Silver Bullet regional VPCarlton Diehltells us owners go for the system since it's "an amazingly simple application ofchemistry." (Wait, you can use chemistry for something other than making your own volcano?)