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Navy Yard Cool

Washington, D.C.

VIDA Fitness seems careful to locate its glassy facilities in the buzziest and often most Millennial areas: U Street, Verizon Center, City Center, and Logan Circle. So it's saying something that its latest grand opening (this last weekend) was down on M Street SE. Is Navy Yard ready for all those treadmills and rooftop pool?

Yes indeed, judging from the nearby restaurants whose fare celebrants sampled: Bluejacket, Ice Cream Jubilee, Nando’s Peri-Peri, and Sweet Green. Indeed, the line for barbecue tacos from TaKorean completely filled the space where one will henceforth see aerobics and yoga. The packed event highlighted that Navy Yard's neighborhood amenities now extend beyond the ballpark. (Although those ubiquitous racing presidents did manage to make a quick cameo at the start of the party.)