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Buzz and "Top 40" Update

Washington DC

We hear that:

  • Local partners of CRESA Partners have been in discussions with a number of major real estate players to sell themselves en masse.
  • Andrew Masters, one of the top landlord reps in Montgomery County, is close to leaving CBRE to sign with Cushman.
  • Concern is building over the damage done by political interventions in the District’s DCRA: That employees with institutional memory and knowledge of public space permitting have been removed or have quit; morale has plummeted; third party reviewers are being used to get through the obstacle course—yet permits are still taking six months instead of two.
  • Arlington County construction permits are taking 12-14 weeks for simple interior buildouts, owners are being hit with arbitrary building violations, and the power of the planning commission is being handed to the neighborhood association.

Top 40 Update:

We have been flooded with suggestions and are winnowing from a list of about 200 developers, brokers, architects, contractors, investors, financiers, lawyers, accountants, and so on. We hope to start rolling out our HEAT LISTshortly after Labor Day.

We’re going to give you a teaser. Here are ten names. Which made the Top 40? Did any make the top 10?

Ralph Dweck
Rob Faktorow
Debra Lehman-Smith
Jim Evans
Clayton Foulger
Brian Katz
Larry Nussdorf
Anthony Lanier
Art Santry
Lois Zambo

Not easy, not scientific, maybe not even fair. But a lot of fun, don’t you think? Enjoy August.