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Bisnow 2.0: Business Plan! Advisory Boards!

Washington, D.C.
Bisnow 2.0: Business Plan! Advisory Boards!

Many of you have asked what our business plan is. (My wife asks me, too.)

Bisnow on Business aims to be 1) all electronic; 2) short, fun, but informative: a “People Magazine” for professionals; and 3) unique for each industry.

We think e-newsletter sounds too boring, so we’ve egotistically coined a new noun—a “Bisnow.”

You know us as a Real Estate Bisnow, and we reach most commercial real estate muckety mucks here. But we also do two Legal Bisnows that reach most large law firm lawyers and in-house counsel; and a TechBisnow that reaches most senior people in the tech sector. Soon we plan to launch Bisnows covering non-profits, hospitality, and lobbyists.

We don’t try to cover every story or give you reams of data; there are other fine sources for that. Our mission is to give you topical, entertaining nuggets and pictures, and add in events (stay tuned) and a positive sense of community. To get the point across, we’ve created a mascot: Super Bob, where “Bob” is Bisnow on Business—get it?

Bisnow 2.0: Business Plan! Advisory Boards!

Forgive still another cliché, but we want to be the Starbucks of business emails: no matter what industry you’re in, you should assume there’s aBisnow for you.The Internet lets us slice and dice business, target exactlywho we want to reach, and keep our costs (and prices) low. We are ad-supported and think that’s an extraordinary proposition for sponsors.

Advisory Boards

We are excited to announce an all-star advisory board to guide us in expanding our overall business. Heading it is Mike Daniels, who wasChairman of the Board of Network Solutions in its heyday. On behalf of SAIC, he bought Network Solutions for $5 million in 1995 and sold it in 2000 to Verisign for $21 billion (yes, billion). We like the sound of those numbers. We are an Internet company, and Mike knows that sphere.

Our other magnificent advisers include Jonathan Silver, founder of venture capital firm Core Capital; Dave Greene, former president ofWashington Post- Newsweek Tech Media; Jim Bankoff, former head of strategy and programming for AOL; and Esther Smith, founding editor of the Washington Business Journal.

We also have industry-specific advisory boards. In Real Estate, we are lucky to have a cadre of extraordinarily wise industry veterans: our chairman, John Donovan, former head of operations for CarrAmerica;Maureen Dwyer, managing partner of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman; Linda Rabbitt, founder of Rand Construction; Earl Segal, principal at Newmark; Richard Newman, partner at Arent Fox; Stef Tucker, partner at Venable; and recent additions Rich Jeanneret ofErnst & Young and John Cutler of Beers & Cutler.

Thanks to all of you for putting our readership off the charts—and making our sponsors very happy! We also love feedback, so feel free to reply. We are real people here.

–Team SuperBob