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Washington, D.C.

We deal so much with muckety mucks here at Bisnow, we’re going to try to make some amends. But you have to help us.

We’re on a mission to find the next generation of superstars in commercial real estate, so as to name an illustrious group we’ll call "35 Under 35."

To quality for consideration, you have to be:

  • UNDER 35 at some point this year;
  • in commercial real estate in some way;
  • able to find someone ELSE to nominate you (our idea of a screen).
  • Therefore, to the nominators, please tell us: 1) the name of the person you’re nominating (some people are very literal who follow directions); 2) their title and where they work; 3) their email and phone number; 4) why you think they’re so great; and 5) your email and phone number (if we need to report to the authorities that you’re smoking something).

    Please send nominations to by Monday, April 16.

    And what great prize is at the end of the rainbow? One of our favorite law firms, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, is going to hold a special Bisnow Schmooza-Palooza at their offices on May 15 for the 35 winners, friends, and colleagues. And of course, the winners and partying will be duly covered herein.



    Speaking of young people, a couple weeks ago Holland & Knight sponsored a get together of a bunch of 20-somethings at Matchbox. That’s why they’re eating pizza; they don’t get fat. The event went so well, we hear Davis Construction is sponsoring another one later this spring.

    Pictured at said event above, from left to right (you may have to squint a bit toward the middle): Davis Construction's Patrick Cotter, Madison Retail's Jeff Edelstein, Waterford Commercial's Lars Zachariasse, CBRE's Brian Cotter, Shooshan's Liz Stephens and Kelly Shooshan, Holland & Knight's Kate McManus Bagwell, Clark Construction's Todd Bagwell, Rand's Grant Stephens, Transwestern's Alex Walker, H&K's Lauren Rabbitt, Corporate Executive Board's Joshua Myer, JM Zell's Meg Davis, Meridian Capital's Sydne Garchik, and Cushman's Craig Bernstein.