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How To Use Debt Correctly

A video course by Bisnow Media

Bisnow Media

The largest commercial real estate publication and events producer in North America

Peter Linneman

Founding chairman, Wharton School real estate department; widely considered the foremost professor of real estate in the United States

16 segments | Running time: 105

Topics included

  • Introduction
  • Juicing Returns, Leveraging Debt
  • How Much Debt Do I Need?
  • First Mortgage Debt
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Bankruptcy Laws
  • Quasi Debt
  • Coverage Ratios
  • PIK Debt
  • Construction Debt
  • Fixed Rate vs Floating Rate
  • Swaps, Collateral, & Breakage
  • Cycles, Interest Rates, Maturity, & Refinancing
  • Covenants & Guarantees
  • Risks & Opportunities of Debt
  • Lessons Learned

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