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VIDEO: Donald Trump vs. The Pope—A Holy War Of Words

It’s hardly a shocker when mogul-turned-presidential candidate Donald Trump makes the headlines. What comes as a surprise, however, are the recent barbs traded between Trump and none other than Pope Francis.

In this holy war of words, these two oracles go at it over Trump's plans for an immigration-stopping border wall. And while immigration's been a hot topic of the candidacy, it's been surprisingly under-covered how immigration relates to real estate.

As we reported this week (shameless self-plug), the current decline in undocumented workers—which, one would assume, would only continue should a wall be built—would boost labor costs.

This, in turn, slashes margins on luxury developments, Trump's bread and butter, ironically. (Well, sort of.) In our Video Of The Day, the Catholic University of America's Chad Pecknold discusses this Holy Battle between the Pope and the Donald.