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VTS-Hightower Merger: Why This Mega $300M Real Estate Tech Deal Is Just The Beginning

Beyond the details of their $300M mega-merger, the real estate tech CEOs of View the Space (VTS) and Hightower, Nick Romito and Brandon Weber, sat down with Bisnow CEO Will Friend to discuss their fear of spreadsheets, who they would have preferred as US president (not Trump or Clinton), the one piece of advice they would give to young entrepreneurs seeking venture capital money and, oh yes, big hair.

Video Breakdown:

  • (00:35) Is CRE slow to adopt new technology?
  • (01:32) VTS's No. 1 competitor? The spreadsheet.
  • (03:14) How do two fierce competitors now join forces? It's easy.
  • (05:48) Why was the merger so late?
  • (06:43) When is the IPO?
  • (07:13) Who would have been better for the merger? Clinton or Trump?
  • (07:57) When will VTS be available in every major global market?
  • (08:37) What are your best CEO life hacks?
  • (09:39) What is your one piece of advice for young entrepreneurs seeking venture capital money?