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Fish Tales: A Mexican Adventure

Toronto Other

Kind of an early Father’s Day in the world of Ashlar Urban Realty’s John Carter, who spent some time away from the Polar Vortez fishing in Puerto Morelos with his father Randy. Randy is an “exceptional fisherman and sailor,” John tells us, so if he was ever going to experience deep sea fishing--and this was his first time out--his father was the guy to go with.


“His comment to me was, ‘We’re not going in until you can’t lift your arms, you’ve caught so many fish,’” John says. The second fish they caught did just that – burned out his arms with the fight it gave. Just as his dad was making those comments, two more fish were on the lines at the same time. No rest for the wicked. “Other than the giant swell [which made for an adventure], it was a perfect day of father/son time,” he says.

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