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Gillam Group Tops PROFIT 500 Rankings As Canada's Fastest-Growing Company


The Toronto construction management company Gillam Group has topped this year’s PROFIT 500 rankings as Canada’s fastest-growing company, according to Canadian Business magazine.

The listing, which ranks entrepreneurial achievement based on revenue growth over the past five years, measured Gillam’s growth at 29,256% on revenue between $50M and $100M. Gillam employs 82 full-time workers.

The Gillam Group has worked on such construction and renovation projects as the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University, the Aga Khan Museum and downtown’s Eaton Chelsea Hotel.

Second place in the PROFIT 500 rankings was Vancouver’s Buyatab Online, with five-year growth measured at 18,662%.

Other GTA companies finishing in the top 20 include the marketing service Maropost (No. 3, 12,983% growth), the financial services institution Eden Park (No. 7, 6,982%), Oakville’s Bronte Construction (No. 10, 5,752%), the online shopping company Unata (No. 15, 3,957%) and Acuityads (No. 18, 3,446%),

PROFIT 500 has been issuing its annual rankings for 29 years.

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