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Now Available: Your Entire Business On Just One Screen


Here’s what we have: a trillion-dollar, global commercial real estate industry with tremendous growth and potential. Here’s what we don’t have: tech savvy. RDM CEO Peter Boritz says that, with younger people coming into the industry, there is a new demand for technology, especially technology that drills everything down to just one screen. Solution: RDM presents Real Acccess, a software platform that allows brokers, investors and landlords to economize their tech stack, essentially aggregating leasing information onto one screen. RDM is a measuring company that surveys space to BOMA standards and creates floor plans. Peter explains that accounting software like YARDI and MRI can flow easily into Real Access (it’s called application program interface, or API, allowing two different products to talk to each other). This puts all relevant information onto a single screen and assures report consistency and ease of use. RDM is expanding into Canada, with the objective of making sure clients like Colliers and JLL will benefit from global reporting consistency. RDM's director of business development and sales, Tina Wolf, says its new floor plan software is interactive (experience it here) and can assist in creating and completing the entire leasing process. Unlike other software that is rather static, clients can create their own area certificates that they can attach onto leases, among other procedures. For more information on our Bisnow partner, click here.