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Why You Need To Modernize Office Space

Why You Need To Modernize Office Space

The days of vast corner offices surrounded by fields of cubicles are fading fast. (Leave the cubes to Mr. Rubik! It's a revolution!) Thats especially true in the eyes of the younger workers. Its a timely, worthy discussion, so Bisnowis gathering industry leaders to talk about these trends at our Tech Summit/Office of the Future event on March 6 at the Shangri-La Hotel. (Sign up here!)


Cisco Canada VP of smart connected communities Rick Huijbregts, who's speaking, knows his company is in a race with the newer tech companies to create new, more youth-generated office space (like making a green roof where employees can chill and listen to music, because if there's one thing Millennials love more than anything, it's "chilling")geared toward attracting and retaining young employees. The next generationworks differently, thinks differently, and communicates differently, he says, and they're looking for an office environment that responds to that: think open and shared work spaces. Older industries--oil and gas, financial services--are still resisting.


Also long gone are the days of "if you build it, they will come," says Sweeny Sterling Finlayson & Co Architects founding principal Dermot Sweeny, who's also speaking. If there's one message he'llconvey, it's this: Workplace innovation must focus on tenant needs because their objective is to offer employees comfortable, sustainable, and attractive workplace settings. That goes a long way in retaining the best and brightest, a difference-maker in the race to become a success story or just another side note. Dermots company has worked with clients like Microsoft, Loblaws, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan,BMW, RBC and Telus.Join usto hear even more speakers weigh in.