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The New Workplace


Young people. Nobody knows what they want, but if you ignore them, your company's Twitter feed will run dry. That's why CoreNet Young Leaders held an event last week at the Haworth showroom at 55 University Ave to discuss the ideal workplace for the next gen. The discussion was not so much focused on technology but on strategies to create engaging workplaces, says Infrastructure Ontario real estate analyst Curtis Kjinserdahl.


Haworth senior architecture and design manager Yoel Berznoger, Oxford Properties VP leasing John Peets, IQ Office Suites co-founder Alex Sharpe, and CBRE managing director Judy Fancy spoke, touching on how the commercial real estate team can partner with IT and HR to create a more efficient workplace strategy. Best piece of advice? Judy and John recommended the book Start With Why by Simon Simek, explaining how some companies and individuals are more innovative and influential than the rest. Another nugget: Landlords, tenants, brokers, and designers need to collaborate to achieve the ideal workplace. Ask a lot of questions, andà understand why things are done in a certain way.