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Tech Office of the Future

Tech Office of the Future

The office of the future in the tech industry will be an open, sociable, communal setting, according to Andy Yang, managing director and chief innovation hunter at TorontosExtreme Startups.Think Canadianized Silicon Valley with a lot of IKEA desks and office chairs.


Andy--one of the speakers at Bisnows Tech Summit March 6 at the Shangri-La Hotel--says a lot of companies in the tech industry want more space than they need. They want to grow into their mortgage. They plan to get to the bigger space, in terms of head count, but will subsidize the bigger lease by partnering up with other companies until theyre in a position where to afford it. Extreme Startups is a premium tech accelerator with 5,500 SF of brick and beam office space at Queen and Bathurst. Andys VC-backed company provides initial capital of $50,000 for five early stage tech startups every six months, puts them into their Queen and Bathurst space, helps get them up and running (for an equity stake in the business), then graduates them into the new world.

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