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Taking On The Big Guys

Taking On The Big Guys


According to David Goncalves, one of the mortgage pros behind Denova Group,there's a bigger appetite now for big money to get involved in CRE. David, left, with the Denova team, co-founded the company as aboutique alternative to the big banks.Toronto city council is mandating that new developments have a retail component. With a push of people moving into the core to live, a lot of developers want to hold on to the retail space, and lease it themselves. David sees CRE as an area of expansionfor Denova Group in the short-term future. His company also does a lot of business with people buying commercial storefronts in hot areas like Ossington. Many people are sitting on pools of cash," he says.Last night Denova Group had their launch party, at Mildred's in Liberty Village.

(If all the economists were laid end to end, theyd never reach a conclusion. George Bernard Shaw)

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