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Shenfeld Says...

Shenfeld Says...


Thought your schooling was over? Not if you're listening to CIBC managing director and (often accurate) chief economist Dr. Avery Shenfeld, whorecently gave 200 attendees of CREW's Grand Banking Ball at One King W an economics lesson. The big takeway: Canada will lag behind the USin terms of economic growth in '14. Consumer spending will soften, but retail real estate will be helped by new entrants into the game.


Dr. Shenfeld, far right, joins CREW members at the event, including chapter prez Samantha Farrell to his right. Despite the lag,CRE fundamentals remain healthy, helped by low bond yields, he says, and equity investors may start shifting from REITs to more cyclical stocks next year. After the event, Samantha told us that this'll be the last review before summer starts and everyone disappears(so remember to bring your refresher notes to read at the pool).Next up for CREW: itsannual fundraising golf tournament this September at Emerald Hills.