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Power Lunch Go-To Spots


With downtown growth and development comes a more vibrant restaurant scene. That means more places to do more business. We're starting to hear back from some of you on some of top power lunch hotspots, and will soon run our Top 10 list based on reader recommendations. Here's a sample, so far: Hullmark prez Jeff Hull says Gusto 101 (image) is his go-to spot. Cool, edgy, and nestled on Portland in Toronto's King West neighbourhood, it's right across the street from Correnti's and is the place to go for a hand-rolled Cuban cigar. "It's a converted auto garage, so the architecture and ambience is very interesting," Jeff says.


Plus it's close to Hullmark's office. Keep it healthy, he adds: salads, both the mains and starters, in which you can add steak, chicken, or salmon. "I can't eat that heavy a lunch and still be productive," Jeff says. Allied director of leasing Tyrone Bowers, above, is looking ahead a bit. Carbon Bar, opening next month at 99 Queen East, is headed up by chef David Lee and Franco Prevedello and Yannick Bigourdan, the team that brought you Nota Bene on Queen West. "This is going to be the best restaurant in the city for power lunches," Tyrone says. "There isn't a space like this."