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Business Advocacy Group Expresses Concern about Casino

Business Advocacy Group Expresses Concern about Casino


You might think that a casino resort complex bringing in the level of job and economic activity to the city outlined by MGM would garner support from fellow business people in the region, but that isnt the case among some in Liberty Villages business community. Jane Siklos, of York Heritage Properties, also the Vice Chair of the Liberty Village BIA Advocacy Committee, says a casino just over the Strachan Ave. bridge would eat into the local businesses, as well as deter employers from setting up operations there, in light of the anticipated heightened congestion it would bring--estimated to be tens of thousands car trips per day. (Though if you run an auto body shop you may see some extra activity.) Liberty Village will devolve into a place where people mostly come just to park their cars, Jane says. Studies have shown that areas that border on a casino suffer dramatically, she says. They fall into disrepair. We would hate to see that here.