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Bon Jovi Deal Livin' on a Prayer


No sooner than yesterday's front page reported that Jon Bon Jovi was interested in buying the Buffalo Bills--teaming up with a company like MLSE and moving them north--his agent came out and ripped the story. (It wouldn't be a juicy rumor if someone didn't get riled up.)


The agent says his client isn't in negotiations with the Bills, most likely as a sign of respect for 94-year-old owner Ralph Wilson. (The team will be sold when he dies, and Ralph is still alive and well.) An NFL team in Toronto brings all kinds of commercial real estate implications, because someone would have to peel off a large cheque to build them a stadium. One report pegged the total cost of bringing a team here at $2B. The story has generated a lot of reaction from Bisnow readers. Says one: "Imagine the reaction if some American tried to buy the Leafs and move them south of the border. There would be riots in the streets." And another: "Nice thought, but a complete waste of time. Not interested in further public outlays for sports facilities. The Rogers Centre (above) was more than enough," he says, scoffing at grants to MLSE from the government as "ridiculous."