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BRT Mississauga's "Game-changer"

BRT Mississauga's "Game-changer"

mississauga.brt map

Mississauga planning chief Ed Sajecki loved the recent SRR report suggesting Metrolinx deliver serious transit to the 100M SF of GTA office space where 500,000 employees have to commute by car. He really liked the idea of extending Toronto's Eglinton LRT into Airport Corporate Centre, home to 100,000 office jobs. But he wants Bisnow readers to know the under-construction BRT linking that node to Mississauga City Centre "will be a game changer."Mississauga's downtown needs more office space but has been attracting mostly residential development. Meanwhile, residential is banned near the airport, where new offices keep coming. "We broadened the zoning to bring in amenities to the airport area [allowing HOOPP's Skymark to include a restaurant campus], but the BRT will make City Centre and the airport mutually supportive."

We don't know who the mayor or premier will be next week. We're into the worst cold snap in years and we're decades behind on infrastructure needs. Such is life in one of the luckiest, most privileged places on Earth.