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Energy-Efficient Home Company Gets Stanford Professor's Approval


Few things hold more cachet for new tech projects in the Valley than the seal of approval from a Stanford professor. Looks like BONE Structure, builders of custom luxury light steel homes, just got the nod. Professor Mark Jacobson, head of the Atmosphere and Energy Program at Stanford, commissioned a home from the Quebec builder.

The 3,200 SF home will serve as a test bed for many of the technologies and assembly processes the company hopes to roll out on a mass scale throughout the United States. BONE Structure VP Charles Bovet (above left with Mark Jacobson) saw the project as a key demonstration of the company’s technology. “Stanford is an academically and environmentally focused community and a perfect location for our first net zero home,” he says.


Jacobson originally did not want to start from scratch but realized reaching the energy-efficiency levels he wanted meant starting a new construction project. “I looked into a couple of prefab companies to reduce waste and disruption on the job site. I selected BONE Structure because it allows for a custom design to make the most of my odd-shaped lot,” he notes.