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How a Sunnyvale Racquetball Spot is Becoming a Net Zero Office

We just checked in on Sunnyvale's latest Zero Net Energy—Zero Carbon Emissions (ZNE) construction project underway at 415 Mathilda: a complete interior and exterior renovation of a two-story, concrete tilt-up racquetball facility building from the 1970s. Here's Hillhouse Construction Co president Kenneth Huesby on the site of its sixth project. The project was nearly pre-leased with strong interest in the market and leased just after commencement to Clover. The project has 86 new windows from View Dynamic Glass (that's a feat, considering the old racquetball court had no windows other than its entry doors). The date of completion is set for end of July, with tenant Clover taking occupation on Aug. 1.

So how'd they do it? Extensive 3D modeling throughout the design and construction process, along with highly proprietary knowledge and skill in the ZNE construction space, and most importantly, prior experience with the ZNE construction product. The original building was a build-to-suit for the racquetball court, which made integration of the new second floor challenging to provide the clear height between floors work well for office life. The ceiling fans, lights, fire system, electrical and data are all fully exposed. You guys better get used to this construction model; ZNE ground-up commercial construction will be law by 2030 in California. Sharp Development, Kevin Bates is the developer, and WTA LLC Mathilda is the owner.