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Little Italy's Latest Developments

San Jose Office

A three-acre patch lined with Italian lemon trees in San Jose taking shape since the '90s is luring unique tenants. A software programming startup just leased the last remaining commercial site, this 900 SF red barn. Barry Swenson Builder's Aaron Barger, who's been PM of the River Street Redvelopment Project (aka Little Italy) for years, had a hand in creating new foundations for a cluster of homes originally inhabited by Italian immigrant farmers in San Jose. A push to get more Italian biz to the area brought eatery Paesano, an Italian day school and Italian coffee shop, as well as weddings and Italian festivals. The site is a work in progress, he says.

Just as Rome's piazzas are filled with nightlife, he wants the same for this slice of Silicon Valley. A former bakery on site is being converted into Enoteca La Storia, a popular wine bar in Los Gatos. Located at the southwest corner of West St. John and North Almaden, the bar will act as another pre-game spot for Sharks games across from Henry's World Famous Hi-Life. Another group of homes are in escrow to sell for refurbishment, so expect more Little Italy residents down the line.