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Affordable Housing Project Showcases Green Tech in Mountain View


One Mountain View affordable housing development is showing that green tech isn't just for market rate housing.

The mixed-use project, Studio 819 Apartments, contains 49 apartments, more than 16k SF of retail space, a community room with kitchen and enclosed bike parking. The project to add new, sustainable workforce housing is a JV of the city, ROEM Corpo and Eden Housing.

Studio 819 uses energy-efficient insulation, windows, lighting and appliances, reports GlobeSt. It has achieved LEED-H Platinum certification (the highest LEED rating) and is pursuing CALGreen Building Codes, ROEM says.

On the grounds, the project uses 45% drought-tolerant plants, and rainwater runoff from the roof is directed to the areas of landscaping that need it the most. 

Other green features include:

  • 120 rooftop solar panels to offset energy from the grid;
  • Low-consumption water fixtures in units;
  • 96% efficient water heaters;
  • 65% recycled materials in the insulation;
  • Foundation cement containing 25% fly ash; and
  • Low-VOC paints, adhesives, flooring and insulation.

The project didn't just focus on the end result, but also the process, relying on locally sourced and recycled materials when available. The construction team recycled 84% of the project's construction waste. The project opened in May, with rents from $500 to $750 a month. [GS]