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Hit The Ground Running

Mike Ponticelli

Since August, Bisnows newly anointed head of sales, Mike Ponticelli, has racked up 35,000 miles on American Airlines, which gets about a quarter of his business. What he's learned: Limit yourself to a carry-on; one suit and three shirts can last two weeks if youre creative (and have a diminished sense of smell). Remember to pack gym wear. And when you cant figure out how to turn on the light in a new hotel, try clapping. Mike and his team have announced Bisnow's limited-time Hit the Ground Running promotion (that means good prices) for advertising in our e-pubs. It's by far the best way to reach our 523,000 subscribers across North America. Email Ponto (you can also call him Mike) to chat about pricing at

30 years ago today, "The A-Team" made its television debut. We pity the fool who doesn't send story ideas to

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