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Trump's New Travel Ban Rattles Nerves In US Hospitality Markets

These are nervous times for international travel between the rest of the world and the U.S., something that could affect hospitality markets such as Seattle in unpredictable ways. So far, there is no reason for the local industry to panic. 


But the industry should be paying attention. "Seattle’s international and overseas business is our fastest-growing market segment and we're continuing to talk with our marketing representatives around the world, to gauge customer sentiment and reaction to travel bans and the impact they might have on future demand," Visit Seattle president and CEO Tom Norwalk said.

"As the most trade-dependent city and state in the nation, we have a lot at risk," he said. The outlook for international and overseas visitors coming to Seattle continues to remain optimistic — "although, as we await the impact of the administration's newly revised 'travel ban' executive order, we are (and have been) concerned about the long-term effects of our nation appearing to be unwelcoming."


"We believe strongly in having sensible and stringent security in place and realize additional 'vetting' may be needed from certain areas of the world," Norwalk said. "But international travel and security don't need to be mutually exclusive — and the U.S. does have excellent security in place."

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