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Seattle Among Top 20 Metros Generating Data Center Co-Location Revenue


Seattle is one of the 20 metros that generate more than half of the world's co-location revenue, according to a recent report from Synergy Research Group.

The top five metros, which accounted for 26% of the world's revenue in Q3, were London, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and Washington, D.C. Seattle was one of the bottom 10 cities in the top 20, which made up 18% of revenue.

Among the top 20, which make up 59% of the world's co-location revenue, retail co-location made up 72% of their revenue in Q3 and wholesale accounted for 28%.

"Data center outsourcing and cloud services continue to drive the colocation market, and the geographic distribution of the world’s corporations is focusing the colocation market on a small number of major metro areas,” Synergy Research Group Chief Analyst and Research Director John Dinsdale said in a statement.

Seattle's data center market benefits from cloud infrastructure investment by Microsoft and Amazon, relatively low power costs and high-performance connectivity — even rainy, cooler weather that reduces cooling costs for data centers, according to Data Center Hawk.