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In Multicloud World, Companies Look For Simple Data Solutions

When it comes to the world of data storage, the simpler the better. Cloud exchanges like Equinix give large corporations multicloud access that streamlines cloud use to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

As companies pump more information into the cloud, they are looking to streamline operations with exchange platforms to make operations more simple, efficient and cost-effective.

“In this multicloud world, enterprise companies are looking for simple solutions,” said Equinix Global Managing Director, Strategic Alliances Robert Breynaert, who will discuss this topic as part of a panel at the Data Center Investment Conference & Expo Northwest March 26.

It is the pursuit of simplicity and efficiency that has encouraged companies like Equinix to develop into an interconnection platform. An interconnection platform combines the concept of a network exchange and software-defined networking to provide a type of one-stop shop to simplify the process of connecting a business to the cloud.

“This is the wave of the future,” Breyneart said. 

The cloud and IT services are the base of the digital transformation as many companies look to extend their global reach — and speed is important. Business connections to the cloud and IT services are expected to increase to 1,382 terabits per second of installed bandwidth capacity by 2021. 

An Equinix blog says 80% of enterprise company workloads continue to shift to the cloud, but they are doing so in hybrid or multicloud platforms and using various providers.

It is this trend that is driving the demand for private traffic exchanges with cloud and IT providers as companies seek to overcome security challenges, as well as those related to latency, scale and availability. These cloud platforms will be housed in telecommunication hotels, also known as carrier hotels or data centers, like the Westin Building Exchange, but that is limiting. Data center providers will be looking to add capacity and different locations and connecting them all. 

While data center development in Seattle is difficult due to lack of built-in infrastructure and high land costs, areas east of the mountains are much more promising. Quincy, with its cheaper land and inexpensive power, has drawn much more interest than locations in Puget Sound.

“Enterprise companies have traditionally accessed the cloud with telecom connectivity,” Breynaert said. “They have to set up one to Microsoft, one to Google. They want to access multiple clouds, but to simplify their networks so networks are better and the costs are better.”

Companies want to push more up into the cloud, he said. Over the last three to five years, demand for interconnection platforms have taken off. 

In business, and in personal life, the need for real-time interactions continues to increase. For example, the Equinix blog said Coca-Cola European Partners has adopted a cloud-focused, interconnection strategy that allows it to improve connectivity with cloud partners, simplify its global network management and create a more secure, connected operation. 

Hear more from Breynaert and other experts on multiple data center topics at the Data Center Investment Conference & Expo Northwest March 26 in Seattle.