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Initiative 123 Goes Down In Flames, Prop 1 Succeeds


In Tuesday's primary elections, voters in Seattle rejected Initiative 123, the proposal to upend the Waterfront Seattle plan and build a 55-foot-tall, landscaped path for pedestrians and bicyclists. The initiative failed by a whopping 81% to 19%.

James Corner, who designed the High Line in NYC (and other things), is the lead architect in the city’s current plan; he opposed the initiative, as did the Seattle Parks Foundation and Seattle Aquarium. The design was about 60% complete as of last month, the Seattle Times reports.

By a less lopsided tally, but still substantial, Seattle voters approved Proposition 1, a plan to double Seattle's housing levy to $290M. According to supporters of the measure, it will produce and preserve 2,500 affordable apartments in the city. [ST]