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What Clients Want From Architects Next


When seeking architectural services, architecture itself may not be enough. Clients are seeking a higher degree of customer service, says Encore Architects founder and managing principal Vince Ferrese. Vince tells us that clients today are sophisticated and well-educated, and the difference lies in the personalized attention the architect offers from Day One. Encore Architects treat clients the way they want to be treated: straight up and honestly. After a long stint at Mithun, Vince formed the firm with associates Chris Nagamine and Andrew Hoyer. The 14-person firm adds site utilization and capacity studies to their traditional offerings. The goal is to avoid a vertical corporate structure, maintain very low overhead, hire only licensed architects and have all licensed architects also be owners. Vince says that Seattle continues to be a very robust market, bringing about 1,000 new employees a week. For more information on our Bisnow partner, click here.