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We're the Next Gateway City


Another prediction for 2014 (and beyond!): Holland Partners CEO Clyde Holland tells us that he sees Seattle emerging as the location of choice for the rising creative class and the new economy jobs powering the future. (There's gonna be a lot of new folks in town, so we'll need to teach them about the bike laws and how to play ultimate frisbee.) Clyde's going to be a panelist at our Seattle State of the Market at Hyatt Olive 8 on Dec. 17 (give yourself a holiday treat and sign up today). Coming just ahead of the new year, the panel conversation is bound to turn to the future. "Gateway" is definitely in the picture for Seattle, Clyde says.


Seattle's evolving into a gateway city not only for young talent--it's already pretty far along that path--but capital as well. Talent creates the businesses that attract the capital that grow the businesses that attract more talent. Clyde says he sees movement toward gateway status picking up speed, meaning increased competition for both team members and work space.