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This Week's Challenge: The Harlem Shake

This Week's Challenge: The Harlem Shake

Jeff Gordon

Heard of the Harlem Shake? If not, Google it. In a sentence, it's the latest awesome Internet sensation. (Screencapped above: NASCAR's Jeff Gordon in the first part of his 30-second Harlem Shake video, which looks like it could have taken place inside Griot's Garage.) Here's how it works: For the first 15 seconds, one awesomely dressed person--maybe wearing a mask or a gorilla costume--walks into an everyday setting and starts dancing wildly to Baauer's "Harlem Shake" while the everyone around him or her pretends not to notice. Want to try?Here's our deal: Make a Harlem Shake video,send it to us, and you'll be eligible for a free spot on our guest list at our next event inMarch(as will a few people in your video). Go forth and shake!

Why are you still standing there? Go get your Harlem Shake on!

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