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Derek Jaschke and Jeff Brink at the SAM
Swinerton Builders senior project manager Derek Jaschke and DCI Engineers associate principal Jeff Brink, also snapped at the Tech Event, are pleased to report an uptick in construction has been keeping them busy. "It's become a lot more diverse in the last couple months," Jeff says. "It's nice to know that there are other markets out there besides just housing." DCI is also the structural engineer for Capitol Hill's uber-green Bullitt Center, scheduled for delivery this fall.
Donna Koerber, Bonnie Beddall and Steve Cory at the SAM
Here's a sight not seen too often: rival title insurers hanging out. (Few people know that the Hatfields and McCoys actually sold title insurance and that started the whole feud.) That's First American's Donna Koerber, RE/MAX's Bonnie Beddall and Old Republic's Steve Cory. "If it's a big deal she does it," Steve jokes. "If it's a little deal, I do it." Fortunately there's been plenty of work to go around, which wasn't the case two years ago, Steve notes. Owner-user stuff is particularly strong right now, he says.
Kent Valley Washington State
Bonnie was intrigued by the tech panel discussion about whether the big tech companies will eventually be lured out of the city and into the suburbs. She thinks so: "The 20-something worker will get married and have children. Right now there are not many public school options in the heart of Seattle so naturally these workers will want to move to a location in the suburbs that has good schools." In Kent, the sounder light rail takes them to downtown Seattle in 20 minutes; the housing is affordable, they can ride their bikes to the light rail station, and ride their bikes home, she says.