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3 Things to Know About WiredScore in Seattle

The latest way to certify buildings in Seattle comes by way of New York: WiredScore, which ranks buildings like LEED, except for their overall connectivity.

1) Tenant Demand Is Rising


"As tech firms continue to drive the local economy, access to advanced Internet connectivity has become a top priority for tenants," WiredScore CEO Arie Barendrecht tells us (he's snapped at a recent CRE Disruptors Conference). "Owners and leasing agents are leveraging Wired Certification to attract and retain these tenants. It's a source of competitive advantage today."

2) It Isn't Just for the East Coast Anymore


WiredScore, which evaluates a building’s connectivity by examining the number and quality of its ISPs and its bandwidth capabilities and reliability, got its start as WiredNYC in 2013, a creation of the Bloomberg Administration. Now it's on the road—buildings are receiving Wired Certifications in Chicago, DC, San Francisco and Seattle, among other places. It's ranked 325 buildings in 30 markets so far, with four levels: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

3) Seattle's Getting Certified


Nineteen buildings in the Seattle area are currently being evaluated for Wired Certification. "The feedback from owners—such as Beacon Capital and Clarion Partners—has been overwhelmingly positive," says Arie. Properties with Wired Certified status in the Seattle area include the Columbia Center (pictured).