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FivePoint Unveils Sustainability Plan For San Francisco’s Shipyard

Rendering of San Francisco Shipyard

FivePoint’s Shipyard development in San Francisco will include several sustainability components. The developer has partnered with GI Energy, a provider of microgrid energy, and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to make the 400-acre site more eco-friendly.

The Shipyard’s eco-grid will provide sustainable infrastructure from water to telecommunications. The development will use electricity from renewable sources with the intention of dropping natural gas and oil-fueled heating usage sharply. The site will use recycled water, maximize the reuse of water resources and reduce consumption.

New technology will cut HVAC consumption by 68% with a goal of saving 150 million gallons of water each year. The Shipyard will own its cell towers and lease bandwidth to providers. This will provide open access at an affordable price.

FivePoint also is partnering with firms specializing in sustainability for these separate components. The Shipyard is starting with the four components listed above because they have proven to be economically viable.

“We know they work,” GI Energy Chief Development Officer David Yanni said. “Once we build them in, we can get more creative and see what we can add: smart street lights and signs, vacuum trash collection, wind power, charging stations, infrastructure for autonomous driving. They’re all possibilities.”