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Exclusive Q&A: John Montagh On What The New Daiso Supermarket Brings To Concord

Daiso Japan recently announced a grand opening of its store in Concord at the Willows Shopping Center. The opening brings a value-focused retailer to the city and is part of a wider strategy to locate retail destinations in the city. 


Bisnow spoke to John Montagh, Concord's economic development manager, about what Daiso Japan’s opening in Concord means for the city’s wider development objectives and future strategy.

Bisnow: What does Daiso Japan bring to Concord?

John Montagh: Daiso has loyal customers who are attracted to the variety and appealing design of the products Daiso manufactures and sells at a value price point. Daiso generates excitement and should be a draw that brings new shoppers to the Willows Shopping Center. Many of these customers will likely cross-shop and dine while they are at the Willows.

Bisnow: How does this fit into the city’s wider urban development plans?

John: Concord is a five-star retail destination. We are seeing a surge of new openings, from national to regional restaurants and businesses throughout Concord, from our downtown Todos Santos Plaza neighborhood to retail centers along Diamond Boulevard and at the Sunvalley Shopping Center.

Within the past 12 months, we have seen a number of new restaurants and retail spaces open, especially at Sunvalley and in the recently approved 375k SF Veranda Shopping Center just north of the Willows on Diamond Boulevard, which is slated to feature Whole Foods 365, regional retailers and chef-inspired restaurants.

Daiso’s opening adds to the growing list of new businesses choosing Concord to locate and do business.

Bisnow: How did the conversation with Daiso begin?

John: The city was not part of the discussion with Daiso. That was handled by the Willows Shopping Center staff. The city did, however, facilitate the recent renovations at the Willows that created the new spaces and opportunities for not only Daiso, but for Eureka, Dos Coyotes and Rick’s Rather Rich Ice Cream. They are among the newest tenants who have opened shop at Willows in the past 18 months.

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