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The Veranda Revitalizes (And Revolutionizes) Concord

Development of Concord’s next big shopping center, The Veranda, is rapidly coming together. The planned 334k SF retail project just signed Whole Foods as the inaugural tenant. We caught up with owner and developer CenterCal's CEO Fred Bruning to learn more about the project.


The project began after CenterCal learned Chevron was putting surplus property on the market. Fred tells us, “We just thought it would make a great project if we could bring something new to the area that was a bit different from what was already there.”

Starting in 2017, the space will host the new 365 by Whole Foods concept and many other retailers, bringing Concord a new, multi-dimensional shopping experience.


The 365 by Whole Foods concept is described as a new, lower-cost version of Whole Foods grocery stores catering to "hip, cool and tech-oriented" customers.

Fred tells us the unique features of The Veranda and CenterCal’s design philosophy made it an ideal host for 365. “One of the things we pride ourselves on as a company is placemaking...Our goal is to create a multi-dimensional project that creates multiple reasons for people to want to come. It incorporates great food choices, entertainment choices, shopping choices, but also public spaces where people just want to be to hang out.”


The Veranda is part of a broader initiative by the City of Concord to revitalize the Diamond District and establish the city as a center of commercial activity in the Bay Area. Concord's economic development and housing manager John Montagh tells us the city wants to "foster investment in the retail sector by providing appropriate spaces that can attract a diversity of retail options." The Veranda project supports the city's growth and should fuel additional development, he says.