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Pac Heights Co-Op Apartment Will Protect You from Electromagnetic Fields


Buyers have been slow to move on a home that doubles as a protective envelope from electromagnetic fields, and now the San Francisco co-op apartment home has come down nearly $3M from the original asking price.

The Pacific Heights home with the distinct selling point has come down in price twice since it hit the market in May at $8.6M. Now, the asking price for the home on the fourth floor of 2170 Jackson St stands at $5.7M, according to Curbed. The three-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom, 3,428 SF property last sold in 2007 for $2.7M.

As the property was renovated, the owners put thick layers of semiconductive graphite paint on the interior walls in an effort to protect the interior from electromagnetic fields. The windows were coated with an EMF-blocking film. [Curbed]

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