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Real Estate & Tech: LiquidSpace Re-Creates Office Space

LiquidSpace founder and CEO Mark Gilbreath

Established: 2011

Base of operations: Palo Alto

Who’s in charge: CEO Mark Gilbreath

What it is: Office space rental platform

Since its first transaction in 2011 for a marketing consultant in Palo Alto, LiquidSpace has provided a platform for startups, large teams, brokers, building owners and architects to rent or lease space for a few hours, weeks or months. It’s basically the Airbnb of the office world.

While LiquidSpace originally created a mobile app to book meeting rooms and offices by the hour or day, the company broadened its model last year to provide longer rental periods and larger spaces. It has now processed more than 2 million transactions and served over 60,000 companies in over 600 cities.

Given the Bay Area’s tight real estate market, lack of available space, political landscape and rigid leases, it has become LiquidSpace’s fastest-growing market. CEO Mark Gilbreath says rapidly growing startups, like many of those in San Francisco, need flexibility with their office space.

Not only has LiquidSpace helped small startups, it has found space for large, established companies, including Accenture, AT&T and Whole Foods. Requests range from individual desks to office suites. LiquidSpace will continue to focus on enterprise members as part of its growth strategy through the end of this year.

(This profile is the second in a five-part series highlighting technology in commercial real estate.)

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