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Want to Live at The San Francisco Shipyard?

We stopped by the brand new welcome center for The San Francisco Shipyard in Hunters Point this week, and Lennar Urban's Sheryl McKibben gave us this exclusive tour of a residential site quickly coming along. Lennar is about to open the floodgates on sales for its first batch of 88 homes, available for move-ins in just a few months. She knows lots of homeowners will be careless—and the ferry doesn't stop there yet—so they're going to initially offer private shuttles to take new residents downtown (see it pictured in the distance?).

A goose bump-inducing video inside the welcome center features former Mayor Willie Brown backing the new development, calling it a magnet for Bay Area pioneers, innovators and curators (condos are starting in the mid $400ks—much more doable than typical S.F. prices). Just across the way sits the soon-to-be demoed Candlestick Park, a site the city is handing over to Lennar later this year. (If you get in there soon enough you'll get a front row seat for an explosion!) Sheryl laughs there's currently a company contest to see who gets to push the button to blow it up (it'll likely be the CEO). In its place will go more housing and a shopping mecca, connected to The San Francisco Shipyard site via a bridge (she says it'll likely be only for buses and foot traffic).