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SPCA's Bigger Digs

We went to check out SPCA's weeks-old expansion in the Mission at 250 Florida that will let the shelter adopt out 20% more animals each year, saving more than 10,000 lives over the next decade. An indoor dog park gives dogs the opportunity to play, socialize, and meet their new families. Cats get a more vertical space to climb, play, and explore (the Golden Gate Bridge, in a red convertible). Last year a record 5,000 animals found new homes; with more bigger capacity this year, SPCA is hoping for more.

When its old adoption center opened in 1998, it was the first shelter in the country to house animals in condominium-style rooms instead of cages. The new center is continuing to be a trendsetter, with huge rooms for animals and touch screens to find out more about Fido (or in this case, shy and sweet Argo). 

One of the oldest SPCAs in the nation was born after the founder saw a working horse being abused in the 1800s. The new shelter, which doesn't take a lick of government funds, cares for animals big and small. Soon a new section will open at the adoption center for tiny critters like rabbits and hamsters. Locally there are 1,400 active volunteers, 1,200 of which are based at the Mission campus. 

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