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A Condensed Mural On A Needle

What do you get when you combine music (Ortofon) and famous graffiti twins (OsGemeos)? A launch party last night at 111 Minna for a limited edition gold DJ cartridge they crafted together. Each of the 500 pieces manufactured (pictured behind this masked ninja) are signed by DJ QBert, OsGemeos, and Ortofon CEO Christen Nielsen. For some, the $250 cartridge and stylus set is their only chance to get a piece of OsGemeos, whose canvases sell on average for $100k.

The Brazilian-born brothers have created street art all over the world (Berlin, Lisbon, New York) and locally you can see their work behind the Warfield Theatre at 62 Taylor they did last fall with local American comic artist Mark Bode, above. The twins also have lucrative collabs with Louis Vuitton, Hennessy, and Banksy. What's their connection to music? They got their start as break dancers.

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