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Why You Need Virtual Reality Now


The writing is on the wall—rather, in the viewer. Transparent House account director David Scott Van Woert says client migration towards Mobile VR (Virtual Reality) is feverish. The technology is enabling his clients to incorporate high-tech options for real estate marketing and immerse themselves in 360 degrees of 3D. The big demand answers a yearning to take the sales experience to a new level and for overseas buyers to have a more palpable connection. R&D is on the job, dedicated to simplifying navigation, enhancing resolution, and making it even more user-friendly. Now live: the SF Shipyard VR Tour app, developed by Transparent House for The Shipyard Communities, which allows buyers to immerse themselves in a complete tour of one of the project's properties. At Lennar's Welcome Center: another mind-bending app that showcases the project as a working Navy shipyard in the 1950s and the project's near-future vision, when the entire development will be completed. For more information on our Bisnow partner, click here.